Origin: Florida, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: July 31, 2022


One of the earliest of the Florida death metal bands of the eighties, Massacre's early history is closely intertwined with that of Death. Massacre was formed around 1984 by guitarist Allen West (later of Obituary) and drummer Bill Andrews, initially playing a form of speed metal. With the arrival of soon-to-be-leader Kam Lee and guitarist Rick Rozz (both of whom had served with Chuck Schuldiner in the earliest stages of Death), the musical shifted to death metal. Eventually a lineup consisting of Lee, Rozz, Andrews, and Terry Butler stabilized, but before they could release an album, all but Lee left the band to record with Schuldiner in Death on that band's Leprosy album, forcing Lee to disband Massacre. Around 1989 Lee decided to start up the band again, now featuring Rozz and Whiplash drummer Joe Cangelosi. This lineup recorded a demo by the name of Second Coming, but the record label at the time (Earache) rejected the demo, and this version of the band also broke up. Eventually Butler and Andrews returned from Death and in 1991 Massacre finally released an album, From Beyond. An EP quickly followed, but it would be several years before another album would appear, in the form of 1996's Promise. Featuring a different rhythm section, the album was not well received and they folded for good soon afterward. Lee has gone on to front a couple of other bands since, and various incarnations of Massacre have played brief tours over the last few years. Most recently, Rozz and Butler got yet another version of the band up and running, finally releasing an album in early 2014, but as of December 2014 they have once again disbanded.

Last Lineup

Kam Lee

vocals (ex-Bone Gnawer, ex-Death, ex-Denial Fiend, ex-The Grotesquery)

Rogga Johansson

guitars (ex-Bone Gnawer, Down Among The Dead Men, ex-The Grotesquery, Paganizer)

Jonny Pettersson


Scott Fairfax

guitars (Memoriam)

Michael Borders


Brynjar Helteon


Former Members/Guests

Ed Webb

vocals (ex-Diabolic)

Rick Rozz (Frederick DeLillo)

guitars (ex-Death)

Steve Swanson

guitars (ex-Six Feet Under)

Terry Butler

bass (ex-Death, Denial Fiend, Obituary, ex-Six Feet Under)

Pete Sison


Bill Andrews

drums (ex-Death)

Syrus Peters


Mike Mazzonetto



From Beyond  
1991 Earache
  1. Dawn Of Eternity
  2. Cryptic Realms
  3. Biohazard
  4. Chamber Of Ages
  5. From Beyond
  6. Defeat Remains
  7. Succubus
  8. Symbolic Immortality
  9. Corpsegrinder
  • Kam Lee
  • Rick Rozz
  • Terry Butler
  • Bill Andrews

Inhuman Condition  EP
1991 Earache
  1. Inhuman Condition
  2. Plains Of Sanity
  3. Warhead
  4. Provoked Accursor
  • Kam Lee
  • Rick Rozz
  • Terry Butler
  • Bill Andrews

1996 Earache
  1. Nothing
  2. Forever Torn
  3. Black Soil Nest
  4. Promise
  5. Bitter End
  6. Bloodletting
  7. Unnameable
  8. Where Dwells Sadness
  9. Suffering
  10. Inner Demon
  • Kam Lee
  • Rick Rozz
  • Pete Sison
  • Syrus Peters

Tyrants Of Death  COMPILATION
2006 Iron Pegasus
  1. Chamber Of Ages
  2. Clangor Of War
  3. From Beyond
  4. Symbolic Immortality
  5. Cryptic Realms
  6. Aggressive Tyrant
  7. Death In Hell
  8. Mutilated
  9. Infestation Of Death
  10. Clangor Of War
  11. Aggressive Tyrant
  12. Cryptic Realm
  13. Perpetual Domination
  14. The Traitor
  15. Corpse Grinder

Back From Beyond  
2014 Century Media
  1. As We Wait To Die
  2. Ascension Of The Deceased
  3. Hunter's Blood
  4. Darkness Fell
  5. False Revelation
  6. Succumb To Rapture
  7. Remnants Of Hatred
  8. Shield Of The Son
  9. The Evil Within
  10. Sands Of Time
  11. Beast Of Vengeance
  12. Back From Beyond
  13. Honor The Fallen
  • Ed Webb
  • Rick Rozz
  • Terry Butler
  • Mike Mazzonetto

Europe And Byeond "Live In Germany 1991"  LIVE
  • Kam Lee
  • Rick Rozz
  • Steve Swanson
  • Terry Butler
  • Bill Andrews

2021 Nuclear Blast
  1. Eldritch Prophecy
  2. Ruins of R'Lyeh
  3. Innsmouth Strain
  4. Whisperer in Darkness
  5. Book of the Dead
  6. Into the Far-Off Void
  7. Servants of Discord
  8. Fate of the Elder Gods
  9. Spawn of the Succubus
  10. Return of the Corpse Grinder
  11. Eldritch Prophecy
  12. Ruins of R'Lyeh
  13. Innsmouth Strain
  14. Whisperer in Darkness
  15. Book of the Dead
  16. Into the Far-Off Void
  17. Servants of Discord
  18. Fate of the Elder Gods
  19. Spawn of the Succubus
  20. Return of the Corpse Grinder
  • Kam Lee
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Jonny Pettersson
  • Scott Fairfax
  • Michael Borders
  • Brynjar Helteon

Shadows Out Of Innsmouth  COMPILATION

Mythos  EP
2022 Nuclear Blast
  1. Behind the Serpent's Curse
  2. The Dunwich Horror
  3. The Mythos That Lovecraft Built
  4. The Thing on the Doorstep

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