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Genres: Death Metal
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The Grotesquery

The Grotesquery brought together two well-known underground death metal luminaries in Kam Lee (Massacre among others) and seemingly the busiest man in metal, guitarist Rogga Johansson. The band managed four albums over their decade-plus career, featuring somewhat old-school-inspired death metal competantly played and hitting all the right notes even if innovation isn't at the forefront. Having formed in 2009, they called it a day in 2020.

Last Lineup

Kam Lee

vocals (ex-Bone Gnawer, ex-Death, ex-Denial Fiend, ex-Massacre)

Rogga Johansson

guitars (ex-Bone Gnawer, Down Among The Dead Men, ex-Massacre, Paganizer)

Johan Berglund


Brynjar Helgetun

drums (guest for Paganizer)


Tales Of The Coffin Born  
2010 Cyclone Empire
  1. Coffin Birth (Sarg Geburt)
  2. Morbid Child
  3. That Thing Which Lurks in Shadows
  4. Necromantic Ways
  5. The Terrible Old Man
  6. Sins of His Father
  7. Spirits of the Dead
  8. Nightmares Made Flesh
  9. Sepulcher Macabre
  10. Fall of the House of Grotesque
  • Kam Lee
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Johan Berglund
  • Brynjar Helgetun

The Facts ANd Terrifying Testament Of Mason Hamilton  
2012 Cyclone Empire
  1. The Madness (Of Mason Hamilton)
  2. A Terrifying Testament: The Things That Lie Below Mount Voormithadreth
  3. Arrival: Tomb of Toads
  4. Beware They Who Burrow Beneath
  5. Gaze of Ghatanathoa (I Had a Nightmare)
  6. Amongst Black Slime and Mushroom People
  7. The Chtullhu Prophecy
  8. Tsatthogua - The Black God of N'Kai
  9. Entrapped Within Atlach-Nasha's Web
  10. Psychopompos Lamentations for a Dying World
  11. Dreams of Terrors in Darkness & Horrors Out of Shadows
  • Kam Lee
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Johan Berglund
  • Brynjar Helgetun

Curse Of The Skinless Bride  
2015 Cyclone Empire
  1. Intro / Unholy Reprisal - Resurrection of the Coffin Born
  2. The Missing and the Detective's Hunch
  3. Return to the House of Grotesque
  4. Of Death and Unspeakable Things
  5. Her Exquisite Corpse - The Skinless Bride
  6. Frightful Sight of the Skinless Corpse and the Worm
  7. Downfall - It's All Gone to Hell
  8. Rise - The Advent of the Crooked Man
  9. The Creature and the Elder Sign
  10. Magnum Innominandum - He of the Yellow Sign
  11. Thy Kingdom Infernal - A Promise of Hell
  12. Hasturs Homecoming - All Hell Awaits
  13. This Is the End
  14. The Betrayer and the Man Child
  • Kam Lee
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Johan Berglund
  • Brynjar Helgetun

The Lupine Anathema  
2018 Xtreem
  1. Under the Curse of the Full Moon
  2. By Feral Ways
  3. Wrath of the Garvulves (By the Eyes of Moonlight)
  4. Advent of the Werewolves
  5. The Faceless God
  6. As Death Dies
  7. The Beast of the Bayou (Night of the Rougarou)
  8. Dark Cry of the Wolf
  9. Ithaqua the Wind Walker
  10. Bloodcurdling Tales
  • Kam Lee
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Johan Berglund
  • Brynjar Helgetun

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