Origin: Oslo, Norway  
Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal
Last update/review: January 22, 2017

Carpe Tenebrum

Carpe Tenebrum was the solo project of onetime Dimmu Borgir guitarist Astennu, releasing three albums between 1997 and 2002. The first two albums are black metal in the Dimmu mold, while on Dreaded Chaotic Reign the style switches to old-school Floridian death metal.

Last Lineup

Astennu (Jamie Stinson)

all instruments/vocals (ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-The Kovenant)

Former Members/Guests

Nagash (Stian Arnesen)

vocals (ex-Dimmu Borgir, The Kovenant, ex-Nocturnal Breed, Troll)


Majestic Nothingness  
1997 Head Not Found
  1. Temptress Luna
  2. Requiem Spell
  3. Velvet Claws
  4. Drain The Labyrinth
  5. Perpetual Danger
  6. Sullen Becometh
  7. Blood Dance
  • Nagash
  • Astennu

Mirrored Hate Painting  
1999 Hammerheart
  1. The abyss's mystic haze
  2. Lured like you thought
  3. The painting
  4. Mirrored in scarry skies
  5. And fever
  6. Ludus
  7. Void dress
  8. Dreaded chaotic reign
  • Nagash
  • Astennu

Dreaded Chaotic Reign  
2002 Hammerheart
  1. Abiding Our Time
  2. To See Your Name
  3. The Telling
  4. Aetherial Benefaction
  5. What Of This Place
  6. Hope Is Near
  7. Sense Of Face
  8. Conscious Hide!
  9. Nothingness
  • Astennu

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