Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: January 7, 2024


Troll is the on-again, off-again project led by one Nagash. Nagash is better known for forming and leading The Kovenant (where he now goes by the name Lex Icon), but Troll predates that band by a number of years, formed back in 1992 originally as a trio. The other two guys left and Nagash put out two releases done completely by himself, then put Troll on hold while he formed Covenant (later The Kovenant) as well as serving time in Dimmu Borgir for a time. A few years later, Nagash recruited a full lineup and released two more albums (actually recorded in one session but released a year apart) before once again putting the band on hold. Finally, yet another all-new lineup has a release in early 2010. Comparing the first two Troll eras, the early work, as seen on 1996's Drep De Kristne, shows Nagash at his blackest, as this album is clearly the truest black metal album he's ever done, an old-school symphonic black metal fest in the tradition of, say, early Emperor. By contrast, the work on The Last Predators, released in 2000, modernizes the basic black metal style noticeably, with an improved production, riffing a shade more traditionally metal rather than the pure black metal style of the past, and slight industrial touches (though not close to what Nagash has been doing with The Kovenant recently).

Current Members

Nagash (Stian Arnesen)

guitars/vocals (ex-Carpe Tenebrum, ex-Dimmu Borgir, The Kovenant, ex-Nocturnal Breed)

Tlaloc (Henrik Vissmark)


Sturt (Jens B. Johansen)

bass/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

S.M. Twice


Ursus Major


Vold (Andreas Stenvold)


Exilis (Espen Hosarøygard)


Jan Axel Von Blomberg

drums (ex-Arcturus, guest for Dimmu Borgir, ex-Jorn, ex-The Kovenant, Mayhem, ex-Mezzerschmitt, ex-Thorns, ex-Winds)

Ygg (Raymond Nord)


Carl Engstrøm



Drep De Kristne  
1996 Head Not Found
  1. Kristenhat
  2. I saler av Sten
  3. Trollberg
  4. Naar solen blekner bort
  5. Troll riket
  6. Med vold skal takes kristenliv
  7. Gud's fall
  8. Drep de kristne
  • Nagash

Trollstorms Over Nidingjuv  EP
1996 Head Not Found
  1. Naar natten endelig er her
  2. Trollstorm over Nidingjuv
  3. Over daudens kolde mark
  4. I et Hedensk Land
  • Nagash

The Last Predators  
2000 Head Not Found
  1. Bastards Last Breath (intro)
  2. Fall over the Marbeled Galaxy
  3. Seierens stråler
  4. Mending the Instincts
  5. Colony x-11: Inflict Mythical Mayhem
  6. My Glance into the Narrow Room
  7. Eyes as in I
  8. A.T. the riddle
  9. The Last Predators
  10. Frelserens Visjoner
  11. Outro
  • S.M. Twice
  • Nagash
  • Ursus Major
  • Jan Axel Von Blomberg

2001 Head Not Found
  1. Intro: My Sulphur Lover
  2. Rex Lamictal
  3. Sannhetens Plagiat
  4. President Besters Alimony
  5. Intermission 666
  6. Entering the Fluid Oxygen
  7. Color of Evil
  8. Fields of A New Sun
  9. Outro: Please the Pain
  • S.M. Twice
  • Nagash
  • Ursus Major
  • Jan Axel Von Blomberg

Neo-Satanic Supremacy  
2010 Napalm
  1. Til Helvete Med Alt
  2. Alt For Satan
  3. Gå Til Krig
  4. Burn The Witch
  5. Mörkets Skoger
  6. Hvor Tåken Ligger Så Trist Og Grå
  7. Neo-Satanic Supremacy
  8. At The Gates Of Hell
  9. Smertens Rike
  10. The Age Of Satan
  • Nagash
  • Tlaloc
  • Vold
  • Exilis
  • Ygg

Tilbake Til Trollberg  EP
  1. The Beast
  2. Tilbake til Trollberg
  3. Towards the Pantheon (Emperor cover)
  4. Når natten endelig er her
  • Nagash
  • Tlaloc
  • Sturt
  • Exilis
  • Ygg
  • Carl Engstrøm

2023 Polypus
  1. To the Shadows
  2. Dominus Infernus
  3. Angerboda
  4. Ancient Fire
  5. The Soil Runs Red
  6. The Beast
  7. He Who Dwells
  • Nagash
  • Tlaloc
  • Sturt

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