Origin: Norway  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: July 5, 2019

Nocturnal Breed

Nocturnal Breed is one of a handful of Scandinavian bands with a common theme, that being a collection of current or former members of established black metal bands that band together to play retro Germanic thrash in the Kreator/ Sodom mold. The band was founded by Destroyer (who went by the name Svartalv in Gehenna) and Ed Damnator (Silenoz of Dimmu Borgir), with the first album's lineup rounded out by one Rick Hellraiser, who was actually Nagash of The Kovenant. Apparently their live show, featuring Harleys and strippers, is quite the event. Far from the most original of bands (as if the stage names and song titles don't give that away), but they're pretty energetic and enjoyable nonetheless.

Current Members

Kenneth Skibrek


Axeman I. Maztor (Eivind Berre)


Vidar Fineidet


Tex Terror (Thomas Ødegaard)


Former Members/Guests

Ed Damnator (Sven Atle Kopperud)

bass/guitars (Dimmu Borgir, Insidious Disease)

A.E. Rattlehead (Atle Glomstad)


Ben Hellion (Stian Andreassen)


Rick Hellraiser (Stian Arnesen)

drums (ex-Carpe Tenebrum, ex-Dimmu Borgir, The Kovenant, Troll)


1997 Pavement
  1. Rape The Angels
  2. Frantic Aggressor
  3. Maggot Monster
  4. Nocturnal Breed
  5. Evil Dead
  6. Metal Storm Rebels
  7. Dead Dominions
  8. Alcoholic Rites
  9. Revelation 666
  10. Blaster
  11. Locomotive Death
  • Kenneth Skibrek
  • Ed Damnator
  • Rick Hellraiser

Triumph Of The Blasphemer  EP
1998 Hammerheart
  1. Triumph of the blasphemer
  2. Screaming for a leather bitch
  3. I'm alive
  4. Frantic aggressor
  5. Evil dead
  • Kenneth Skibrek
  • Ed Damnator
  • Axeman I. Maztor
  • Tex Terror

No Retreat ... No Surrender  
1999 Hammerheart
  1. The Artillery Command
  2. Thrash The Redeemer
  3. Warhorse
  4. Killernecro
  5. No Retreat- No Surrender
  6. Beyond Control
  7. Sodomite
  8. Fists Of Fury
  9. Under The Blade
  10. Roadkill Maze
  11. Possessed
  12. Armageddon Nights
  13. Insane Tyrant
  • Kenneth Skibrek
  • Ed Damnator
  • Axeman I. Maztor
  • Tex Terror

Tools Of The Trade  
2000 Holycaust
  1. Give'em Hell
  2. Slaughter Division
  3. Resistance Is Futile
  4. The Tools of the Trade
  5. Down by Law
  6. The Sabbath Man
  7. Skeleton of Sin
  8. Black Tooth Grin
  9. Silvertongue Devil
  10. Ballcrusher
  11. Knuckledust
  12. Scarred
  • Kenneth Skibrek
  • Axeman I. Maztor
  • Ben Hellion
  • Tex Terror

Fields Of Rot  
2007 Agonia
  1. Wicked, Vicious & Violent
  2. Fields of Rot
  3. Too Damned To Conquer
  4. Manskinner
  5. In Sickness and in Hell
  6. Invasion of the Body-Thrashers
  7. Iron Bitch
  8. Code of Conduct
  9. The Dead
  10. Scything Harrow
  • Kenneth Skibrek
  • A.E. Rattlehead
  • Ben Hellion
  • Tex Terror

Napalm Nights  
2014 Agonia
  1. The Devil Swept the Ruins
  2. Speedkrieg
  3. Cursed Beyond Recognition
  4. The Bitch of Buchenwald
  5. Napalm Nights
  6. Thrashiac
  7. Dawn Campaign... Flamethrower Ridge
  8. Under the Whip
  9. Dragging the Priests
  10. Krigshisser
  • Kenneth Skibrek
  • Axeman I. Maztor
  • Vidar Fineidet
  • Tex Terror

We Only Came For Violence  
2019 Folter
  1. Iron Winter (Intro)
  2. Choke on Blood
  3. Nekrohagel
  4. We Only Came for the Violence
  5. Frozen to the Cross
  6. Desecrator
  7. Cannibalized by Fear (Intro)
  8. Sharks of the Wehrmacht
  9. Limbs of Gehenna
  10. War-Metal Engine
  11. Can't Hold Back the Night
  12. Bless the Whore
  13. A Million Miles of Trench
  • Kenneth Skibrek
  • Axeman I. Maztor
  • Vidar Fineidet
  • Tex Terror

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