Origin: Maryland, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: August 27, 2006
Last update/review: August 14, 2010


The state of Maryland (and surrounding area) has had no shortage of prime doom bands over the years (indeed, the Hellhound record label made its name with bands from here), such as The Obsessed Internal Void and Unorthodox, to name but three. Though they arrived too late for the Hellhound scene, Earthride fits in perfectly, due to both their style and their member links to similar bands. So, no real surprises here, just crushing garage doom, the way it should be done.

Current Members

Dave Sherman

vocals (ex-Spirit Caravan, ex-Wretched) RIP: September 6, 2022, age 55

Kyle Van Steinberg


Josh Hart

bass (ex-Revelation, ex-Unorthodox)

Eric Little

drums (ex-Church Of Misery, ex-Internal Void)

Former Members/Guests

Joe Ruthvin


Rob Hampshire



Earthride  EP
2000 Earth Brain
  1. Earthride
  2. Black
  3. Enter Zacfreyalz
  4. Weak End
  • Dave Sherman
  • Kyle Van Steinberg
  • Joe Ruthvin
  • Eric Little

Taming Of The Demons  
2002 Southern Lord
  1. Valium 10
  2. For Mere Remains
  3. Train Wreck
  4. Under A Black Cloud
  5. Deception
  6. Mr. Green
  7. Taming Of The Demons
  • Dave Sherman
  • Kyle Van Steinberg
  • Joe Ruthvin
  • Eric Little

Vampire Circus  
2005 Southern Lord
  1. Fighting the Devils Inside You
  2. Understand
  3. Vampire Circus
  4. Dirtnap
  5. Interlude
  6. God's Own Medicine
  7. Loss
  8. For Wrath and Ruin
  9. In the World
  10. Live
  11. Swamp Witch
  • Dave Sherman
  • Kyle Van Steinberg
  • Joe Ruthvin
  • Eric Little

Something Wicked  
2010 self-released
  1. Something Wicked
  2. Hacksaw Eyeball
  3. Make Up Your Mind
  4. Destruction Song
  5. Zodiac
  6. Watch The Children Play
  7. Grip The Wheel
  8. Supernatural Illusion
  9. Force Fed Fear
  • Dave Sherman
  • Kyle Van Steinberg
  • Rob Hampshire
  • Eric Little

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