Origin: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: September 11, 2010


Originally known as Asylum (the name change was necesitated to avoid confusion with a national pop band of a similar name), Unorthodox was one of the members of the Washington, DC doom metal family, several of whom were snapped up by Hellhound Records in the early nineties. Like many of their contemporaries, they have a Black Sabbath influence, but it is less noticeable here, as in general the sound is somewhat more psychedelic in nature -- The Obsessed would be a prime reference point, due in large part to Dale Flood's vocal similarity to Wino. The band was less a Sabbath clone than some of the other Hellhound bands, and so, coincidentally or not, Balance Of Power is one of the best of the Hellhound releases. The band has been in a near constant state of on-again, off-again status with various guys collaborating with Flood, with a new album, Awaken, finally seeing the light of day in the fall of 2008.

Current Members

Dale Flood


Mark Laue

bass (ex-The Obsessed)

Ronnie Kalimon

drums (ex-Internal Void)

Former Members/Guests

Jeff Parsons

guitars (ex-Indestroy, ex-Wretched)

Josh Hart

bass (Earthride, ex-Revelation)

Mark Ammen

bass (ex-Dog Fashion Disco)

Gary Isom

drums (ex-Iron Man, ex-Pentagram, ex-Spirit Caravan)


1993 Hellhound
  1. Intro
  2. Suicide King
  3. Unseen World
  4. Realize A Dream
  5. Asylum
  6. Cyclone
  7. Feel Like You
  8. Scorpio Rising
  9. Smokin' Joe
  10. Forgotten Image
  11. Neanderthal
  12. Harvest
  • Dale Flood
  • Jeff Parsons
  • Ronnie Kalimon

Balance Of Power  
1995 Hellhound
  1. Junkie
  2. To Kill A Monster
  3. Peacemaker
  4. Well Aware
  5. Lost In Tomorrow
  6. Maimed And Slaughter
  7. The Zombie Dance
  8. Standstill
  9. Price Of Life
  10. The Gate
  11. Motherless
  12. Unorthodox
  • Dale Flood
  • Josh Hart
  • Ronnie Kalimon

Unseen World  VIDEO
2007 self-released

2008 Church Within
  1. Soultaker
  2. Dogma
  3. Friend In Need
  4. Awaken
  5. Kicking Dead Horses
  6. Walls And Bridges
  7. Comin Down
  8. Drowning In A Wishing Well
  9. Emptiness
  10. Road To Ruin
  • Dale Flood
  • Mark Ammen
  • Gary Isom

Live At Krug's Place  VIDEO
2010 self-released

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