Origin: Maryland, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: August 16, 2002


Named for a song by The Obsessed, Indestroy's style was harsh, heavy thrash, occasionally bordering on death metal. Their debut album suffered a bit from the typical low-budget indie-label production, but by the time of Senseless Theories the sound had tightened up, with a razor-sharp guitar sound greatly benefitting the songs. A demo was recorded after Theories, but no record deal was secured and the band broke up soon afterward. Drummer Cougin, along with late addition guitarist Danny Kenyon, were later seen in Vortex Of Insanity.

Last Lineup

Mark Strassburg


Shawn Williams


Jeff Parsons

bass (ex-Unorthodox, ex-Wretched)

Cougin (Rob Brannigan)

drums (ex-Vortex Of Insanity)

Former Members/Guests

Drew Adrian


Gus Basilika

drums (ex-Life Beyond, ex-Wretched)


1987 New Renaissance
  1. The Gate
  2. U.S.S.A.
  3. Ground Zero
  4. Dead Girls (Don't Say No)
  5. Fatal Sin
  6. Brain Damaged
  7. Justice Sucks
  8. Shadowlord
  9. A.I.M.L.E.S.S.
  10. Dismembered
  • Mark Strassburg
  • Drew Adrian
  • Jeff Parsons
  • Gus Basilika

Senseless Theories  EP
1989 Restless
  1. Tortured By Fire
  2. Living In Filth
  3. Terminal Choice
  4. Senseless Theories
  5. Sam The Butcher
  6. Instant Insanity
  • Mark Strassburg
  • Shawn Williams
  • Jeff Parsons
  • Cougin

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