Origin: Austin, Texas, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: July 5, 2019
Last update/review: January 6, 2021

Eternal Champion

Austin power metallers Eternal Champion (the name is a Michael Moorcock reference) debuted in 2016 with The Armor Of Ire, and the album cover alone tells the story of where these guys are coming from. The band shares two members, and a fair degree of musical similarity, with the much-lauded Sumerlands, but while that band shows a prog-power slant, the Champion go straight into 80's true metal worship. Clear, controlled midrange vocals atop the expected bevy of Maiden-inspired riffs makes this band a no-brainer for traditional metal enthusiasts.

Current Members

Jason Tarpey


Blake Ibanez

guitars (Power Trip)

John Powers

guitars (Sumerlands)

Arthur Rizk

drums (Sumerlands, guest for Unto Others)

Former Members/Guests

Carlos Llanas


Brad Raub

bass (ex-Sumerlands) RIP: May 29, 2024, age 36


The Armor Of Ire  
2016 No Remorse
  1. I Am the Hammer
  2. The Armor of Ire
  3. The Last King of Pictdom
  4. Blood Ice
  5. The Cold Sword
  6. Invoker
  7. Sing a Last Song of Valdese
  8. Shade Gate
  • Jason Tarpey
  • Carlos Llanas
  • Blake Ibanez
  • John Powers
  • Arthur Rizk

Parallel Of Death  EP
2017 independent
  1. The Destroyer (Legend cover)
  2. Awakened by the Dawn (Mystic Force cover)
  3. The Destroyer (Legend cover)
  4. Awakened by the Dawn (Mystic Force cover)

Ravening Iron  
2020 No Remorse
  • Jason Tarpey
  • Blake Ibanez
  • John Powers
  • Brad Raub
  • Arthur Rizk

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