Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Last update/review: April 29, 2004


Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, it may come as no surprise that Gardenian plays the sort of melodic death metal that has become synonymous with their hometown (indeed, Niklas Engelin served time in In Flames as a touring guitarist before deciding to devote himself full-time to Gardenian). Sure enough, Soulburner is a prime slice of melodic death, with one important difference -- the band hired Artch vocalist Eric Hawk to sing clean vocals on half of the tracks. His Dickenson-inspired vocals are a striking contrast to Jim Kjell's traditional harsher vocals, thus lending Soulburner a sense of originality that's beginning to lack in this genre. Vocal work aside, the music blends the right amount of melody, brutal riffing, and strong songwriting to make the album a winner. The newer Sindustries shows a definite maturation. Kjell himself has taken to alternating between clean and death vocals (and is quite adept at both), but the music is beginning to branch beyond the traditional Gothenburg sound. Though somewhat different in their approach, both Soulburner and Sindustries are recommended albums.

The band underwent some lineup changes in 2003 and planned a release for later that year, but it never materialized, and the band broke up in early 2004, with the members later scene in bands such as Passenger, Within Y, and Kerozene.

Last Lineup

Jim Kjell


Niclas Engelin

guitars (Engel, The Halo Effect, ex-In Flames, ex-Passenger)

Kriss Albertsson


Thim Blom

drums (ex-Within Y)

Former Members/Guests

Håkan Skoger

bass (ex-Passenger)


Two Feet Stand  
1997 Listenable
  1. Two Feet Stand
  2. Flipside Of Reality
  3. The Downfall
  4. Awake Of Abuse
  5. Netherworld
  6. Do Me Now
  7. Murder
  8. Freedom
  9. Mindless Domination
  10. The Silent Fall
  11. Ecstasy Of Life (bonus track)
  • Jim Kjell
  • Niclas Engelin
  • Håkan Skoger
  • Thim Blom

1999 Nuclear Blast
  1. As a True King
  2. Powertool
  3. Deserted
  4. Soulburner
  5. If Tomorrow Is Gone
  6. Small Electric Space
  7. Chaos in Flesh
  8. Ecstasy of Life
  9. Tell the World I'm Sorry
  10. Loss
  11. Black Days
  • Jim Kjell
  • Niclas Engelin
  • Håkan Skoger
  • Thim Blom

2000 Nuclear Blast
  1. Self-proclaimed messiah
  2. Doom & gloom
  3. Long snap to zero
  4. Courageous
  5. The heartless
  6. The suffering
  7. Scissorfight
  8. Sonic death monkey
  9. Sindustries
  10. Funeral
  • Jim Kjell
  • Niclas Engelin
  • Kriss Albertsson
  • Thim Blom

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