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Passenger's roots extended back to 1995, when Niclas Engelin and Patrik Sten decided to form a side project a shade different from the thrash/death styles that the two were playing. With their respective work in Gardenian and Transport League requiring attention, the project was shelved for a time, but revived a few laters, fleshed out by fellow Gardenian Håkan Skoger and In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén, and by 2000 the first demo was recorded, eventually followed by the self-titled debut album in 2003. True to their early vision, Passenger retains some of the aggression, and at least some of the styles, of the members' main bands, but also injects melody and a fair degree of accessibility. Others have labelled the album as nu-metal, melodic death, or alternative metal, and it is really none of the three, but perhaps a mixture of the three. In Flames fans who weren't pleased with some of the modern touches on their later works probably weren't be happy with this album, as at times it sounds like some of those influences have been heightened and further developed on Passenger. But this was a well-thought-out album, and there was clearly an audience for this. Work had commenced on a second album but this never came to pass.

Last Lineup

Anders Fridén

vocals (ex-Ceremonial Oath, ex-Dark Tranquillity, In Flames)

Niclas Engelin

guitars (Engel, ex-Gardenian, The Halo Effect, ex-In Flames)

Håkan Skoger

bass (ex-Gardenian)

Patrik Sten

drums (ex-Transport League)


2003 Century Media
  1. In Reverse
  2. In My Head
  3. For You
  4. Just The Same
  5. Carnival Diaries
  6. Circus
  7. Rain
  8. Circles
  9. I Die Slowly
  10. Used
  11. Eyes Of My Mind
  • Anders Fridén
  • Niclas Engelin
  • Håkan Skoger
  • Patrik Sten

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