Origin: Beilen, Netherlands  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: February 26, 2020

God Dethroned

Dutch death metallers God Dethroned were formed by guitarist Henri Sattler in 1991, and the young band released The Christhunt (featuring, in its re-released form, a gruesome cover pic) on a small record label. Dissatisfied with both the band and the label, Sattler scrapped the band, went on to form a thrash band called Ministry Of Terror, recorded an album with that band, and then resurrected God Dethroned with a new lineup. There's nothing fancy about God Dethroned's sound -- it's energetic, mostly old-school death metal, though some faint black metal traces pop up, particularly on The Grand Grimoire. Along with Asphyx, God Dethroned is amongst the most well-known death metal bands to come out of the Netherlands. Sattler announced that 2011 would be the last year of the band's existence, as he no longer wishes to tour.

Current Members

Henri Sattler


Mike Ferguson

guitars (Detonation, ex-Picture)

Jeroen Pomper


Michiel van der Plicht

drums (Pestilence)

Former Members/Guests

Oscar Carre

lead guitar

Jens van der Valk

lead guitar

Isaac Delahaye

guitars (Epica)

Danny Tunker

guitars (ex-Aborted, ex-Alkaloid, guest for Hannes Grossmann)

Marco Arends




Henk Zinger


Ard De Weerd


Roel (Sander Van Hoof)

drums (ex-Asphyx)

Tony Laureano (guest)

drums (ex-Acheron, ex-Angelcorpse, Aurora Borealis, Insidious Disease, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Nachtmystium, ex-Nile)

Ariën van Weesenbeek

drums (Epica)


The Christhunt  
1992 Shark
  1. Intro: Necrosapiens
  2. Hordes of Lucifer
  3. Christ Carnage
  4. Infernal sights of a bloody dawn (Morbid Rites)
  5. Necromagnon
  6. The Christhunt
  7. Cadavers
  8. Unholdin of Hewe
  9. God Dethroned
  • Henri Sattler
  • Oscar Carre
  • Marco Arends
  • Ard De Weerd

The Grand Grimoire  
1997 Metal Blade
  1. The art of immolation
  2. The grand grimoire
  3. The luciferian episode
  4. Under a silver moon
  5. The Somberness of winter
  6. Sicking harp rasps
  7. Into a dark millenium
  8. Coloseum Serenades
  • Henri Sattler
  • Jens van der Valk
  • Beef
  • Roel

Bloody Blasphemy  
1999 Metal Blade
  1. Serpent King
  2. Nocturnal
  3. The Execution Protocol
  4. Boiling Blood
  5. A View of Ages
  6. Soul Capture 1562
  7. Under the Golden Wings of Death
  8. Firebreath
  9. Bloody Blasphemy
  • Henri Sattler
  • Jens van der Valk
  • Beef
  • Roel
1999 Readers' Album #63

2000 Metal Blade
  1. Swallow the Spikes
  2. The Poison Apple (Eve & Serpentio in the garden of Eden)
  3. Villa Vampiria
  4. Consumed by Darkness
  5. The Mysteries that make you Bleed
  6. The Iconoclast Deathride
  7. The Crown for the Morbid
  8. Ravenous
  9. Autumn Equinox
  10. Winter Campaign 2002
  11. Evil Dead
  • Henri Sattler
  • Jens van der Valk
  • Beef
  • Tony Laureano

Into The Lungs Of Hell  
2003 Metal Blade
  1. Into the Lungs of Hell
  2. The Warcult
  3. Enemy of the State
  4. Soul Sweeper
  5. Slaughtering the Faithful
  6. Subliminal
  7. The Tombstone
  8. Gods of Terror
  • Henri Sattler
  • Jens van der Valk
  • Beef
  • Ariën van Weesenbeek

The Lair Of The White Worm  
2004 Metal Blade
  1. Nihilism
  2. Arch Enemy Spain
  3. Sigma Enigma
  4. The Lair Of The White Worm
  5. Rusty Nails
  6. Loyal To The Crown Of God Dethroned
  7. Last Zip Of Spit
  8. The Grey Race
  9. Salt In Your Wounds
  • Henri Sattler
  • Isaac Delahaye
  • Henk Zinger
  • Ariën van Weesenbeek

The Toxic Touch  
2006 Metal Blade
  1. Faithless
  2. Hating Life
  3. 2014
  4. Falling Down
  5. On Wings of Pestilence
  6. The Day You Died
  7. Away From Emptiness
  8. Macabre World
  9. Typhoid Mary
  10. Fail to Exist
  • Henri Sattler
  • Isaac Delahaye
  • Henk Zinger
  • Ariën van Weesenbeek
2006 Readers' Album #76

2009 Metal Blade
  1. The Cross of Sacrifice
  2. Under a Darkening Sky
  3. No Man's Land
  4. Poison Fog
  5. Drowning in Mud
  6. Passiondale
  7. No Survivors
  8. Behind Enemy Lines
  9. Fallen Empires
  10. Artifacts of the Great War
  • Henri Sattler
  • Henk Zinger
  • Roel
2009 Readers' Album #84

Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross  
2010 Metal Blade
  1. The Declaration of War
  2. Storm of Steel
  3. Fire Storm
  4. The Killing is Faceless
  5. Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
  6. Chaos Reigns at Dawn
  7. Through Byzantine Hemispheres
  8. The Red Baron
  9. On Fields of Death & Desolation
  • Henri Sattler
  • Danny Tunker
  • Henk Zinger
  • Michiel van der Plicht

The World Ablaze  
2017 Metal Blade
  1. A Call to Arms
  2. Annihilation Crusade
  3. The World Ablaze
  4. On the Wrong Side of the Wire
  5. Close to Victory
  6. Konigsberg
  7. Escape Across the Ice (The White Army)
  8. Breathing Through Blood
  9. Messina Ridge
  10. The 11th Hour
  • Henri Sattler
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Jeroen Pomper
  • Michiel van der Plicht

2020 Metal Blade
  1. Illuminati
  2. Broken Halo
  3. Book of Lies
  4. Spirit of Beelzebub
  5. Satan Spawn
  6. Gabriel
  7. Eye of Horus
  8. Dominus Muscarum
  9. Blood Moon Eclipse
  • Henri Sattler
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Jeroen Pomper
  • Michiel van der Plicht

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