Origin: Paris, France  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: December 15, 2009
Last update/review: January 30, 2010


France may be just a step behind the likes of Germany, Italy, and Sweden in terms of power metal quantity, but in recent times a few French bands have entered the crowded melodic power metal field (Fairyland, for one). Heavenly is one such band, riding the wave of Euro metal with a style in the Helloween/ Rhapsody Of Fire mold, their most recent effort being an ambitious vampire-themed concept album entitled Dust To Dust, released in early 2004. Vocalist Ben Sotto's voice is just a tad high-pitched for comfort, but to his credit he hits every note he attempts. Elsewhere it's the standard melodic keyboards, bombastic choirs, and speedy riffing characteristic of European neoclassical melodic power metal. The existing over-saturated market for this kind of metal assures that Heavenly can maintain a certain level of popularity, though it remains to be seen if they can rise above being just another of many power metal bands making the rounds. They've undergone a major member overhaul since the release of Dust To Dust, but the new lineup looks set to continue.

Current Members

Ben Sotto


Olivier Lapauze


Charley Corbiaux


Matthieu Plana


Pierre-Emmanuel Desfray


Former Members/Guests

Chris Savourey


Frederic Leclercq

guitars (ex-DragonForce, Kreator, Loudblast, Menace, guest for Sigh, Sinsaenum)

Laurent Jean


Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson


Maxence Pilo


Thomas Das Neves



Coming From The Sky  
2000 Noise
  1. Coming From The Sky
  2. Carry Your Heart
  3. Riding Through Hell
  4. Time Machine
  5. Number One
  6. Our Only Chance
  7. Fairy Tale
  8. My Turn Will Come
  9. Until I Die
  10. Million Ways
  • Ben Sotto
  • Chris Savourey
  • Laurent Jean
  • Maxence Pilo

Sign Of The Winner  
2001 Noise
  1. Break The Silence
  2. Destiny
  3. Sign Of The Winner
  4. The World Will Be Better
  5. Condemned To Die
  6. The Angel
  7. Still Believe
  8. The Sandman
  9. Words Of Change
  10. Until The End
  • Ben Sotto
  • Frederic Leclercq
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson
  • Maxence Pilo

Dust To Dust  
2004 Sanctuary
  1. Ashes To Ashes ...
  2. Evil
  3. Lust For Life
  4. Victory (Creature Of The Night)
  5. Illusion Part 1
  6. Illusion Part 2 (The Call Of The Wild)
  7. The Ritual
  8. Keepers Of The Earth
  9. Miracle (2003 Version)
  10. Deliverance
  11. Hands Of Darkness
  12. Kingdom Come
  • Ben Sotto
  • Frederic Leclercq
  • Charley Corbiaux
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson
  • Maxence Pilo

2006 XIII Bis
  1. The Dark Memories
  2. Spill Blood on Fire
  3. Virus
  4. The Power & Fury
  5. Wasted Time
  6. Bravery in the Field
  7. Liberty
  8. When the Rain Begins to Fall
  9. The Prince of the World
  10. The Joker (Japan Bonus Track)
  11. Spill Blood on Fire (Japanese version)

Carpe Diem  
2009 AFM
  1. Carpe Diem
  2. Lost In Your Eyes
  3. Farewell
  4. Fullmoon
  5. A Better Me
  6. Ashen Paradise
  7. The Face Of The Truth
  8. Ode To Joy
  9. Save Our Souls
  • Ben Sotto
  • Olivier Lapauze
  • Charley Corbiaux
  • Matthieu Plana
  • Thomas Das Neves

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