Origin: Canada  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: September 14, 2008

Quo Vadis

One of the standout members of the well-received Quebec tech death metal camp, Quo Vadis mixes the more technical side of death metal, somewhat like countrymen Martyr, with the more melodic style of the Gothenburg scene. The result is ambitious, energetic, very adept yet suitably brutal death metal, very well played and executed. For whatever reason, the band is still a bit on the unknown side, even after four albums (though the lack of a consistent metal label backing them might be the cause there), but that hopefully will change, as these guys are well worth investigating. The band underwent a major upheaval in July 2008, when everyone save guitarist Bart left the band for "various reasons". New members are onboard, though, and the band continues.

Last Lineup

Trevor Birnie


Bart Frydrychowicz


Roxanne Constantin


Patrice Hamelin

drums (Gorguts, guest for Horfixion, ex-Martyr)

Former Members/Guests

Stéphane Paré


Arie Itman


Remy Beachamp


Steve DiGiorgio (guest)

bass (Act Of Denial, ex-Artension, ex-Autopsy, ex-Control Denied, Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex-Death, ex-Dragonlord, ex-Ephel Duath, Futures End, guest for Iced Earth, guest for Megadeth, ex-Memorain, ex-Painmuseum, ex-Sadus, ex-Scariot, ex-Soen, Testament, guest for Vintersorg)

Yanic Bercier



Forever ...  
1996 Earth AD
  1. Legions of the Betrayed
  2. As I Feed the Flames of Hate
  3. Carpae Deum
  4. Mystery
  5. Inner Capsule (Element of the Ensemble part II)
  6. Pantheon of Tears
  7. Zero Hour
  8. The Day the Universe Changed
  9. Nocturnal Reflections
  10. Sans Abris
  • Arie Itman
  • Bart Frydrychowicz
  • Remy Beachamp
  • Yanic Bercier

Day Into Night  
2000 Hypnotic
  1. Absolution (Element of the Ensemble III)
  2. Dysgenics
  3. Hunter/Killer
  4. Hunter/Killer: Endgame
  5. Let it Burn
  6. Dream
  7. On the Shores of Ithaka
  8. Night of the Roses
  9. I Believe
  10. Mute Requiem
  11. Cadences of Absonance
  • Arie Itman
  • Bart Frydrychowicz
  • Remy Beachamp
  • Yanic Bercier

Passage In Time  
  1. Vital Signs 2000
  2. As One
  3. The Hunted (Hunter-Killer remix)
  4. Dysgenics (live)
  5. Point of No Return - Mute Requiem (live)
  6. Elements of the Ensemble
  7. Sons of Greed
  8. Vital Signs
  9. Sadness
  • Arie Itman
  • Bart Frydrychowicz
  • Remy Beachamp
  • Yanic Bercier

Defiant Imagination  
2004 Skyscraper
  1. Silence Calls The Storm
  2. In Contempt
  3. Break The Cycle
  4. Tunnel Effect (Element Of The Ensemble IV)
  5. To The Bitter End
  6. In Articulo Mortis
  7. Fate's Descent
  8. Dead Man's Diary
  9. Ego Intuo Et Servo Te
  • Stéphane Paré
  • Bart Frydrychowicz
  • Steve DiGiorgio
  • Yanic Bercier
2004 Readers' Album #72

Defiant Indoctrination  VIDEO
2005 Skyscraper

Live In Montreal  
2007 Skyscraper
  1. Quo Vadis Homine
  2. Silence Calls the Storm
  3. In Contempt
  4. Absolution
  5. Pantheon of Tears
  6. To the Bitter End
  7. Carpae Deum
  8. Mute Requiem
  9. In Articulo Mortis
  10. Fate's Descent
  11. Vital Signs
  12. On the Shores of Ithaka
  13. Tunnel Effect
  14. Inner Capsule
  15. Dead Man's Diary
  16. Ego Intuo Et Servo Te
  17. Legions of the Betrayed
  18. Break the Cycle

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