Origin: Portugal  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: June 8, 2004
Last update/review: January 3, 2006


Sirius was formed in 1998 and eventually attracted the interest of Samoth (ex-Emperor, who signed the band to his Nocturnal Art Productions label. Classic symphonic black metal is the order of the day here, in the spirit of Emperor or labelmates Limbonic Art (members of both bands guested on Spectral Transition), with the band showing the right amount of aggression as well as diversity in the songwriting. They aren't quite in the first league of black metal, as they still sound a little bit too close to the aforementioned bands, but there was good potential here and Spectral Transition in particular is a very well-crafted release. At one point the band was reported to have moved to Norway and changed membership, but apparently the band is now disbanded.

Last Lineup



Draconiis (Carlos)

guitars (ex-Reaktor)

A. Ara


Vukodlack (Daniel Cardoso)

drums/bass/keyboards (Anathema, ex-Head Control System, Vertigo Steps)

Former Members/Guests




Aeons Of Magick  
1999 Nocturnal Art
  1. Sidereal Mirror
  2. The Collapsing Spheres Of Time
  3. Ethereal Flames Of Chaos
  4. The Stargate
  5. Travellers Of The Stellar Ocean
  6. Aeons Of Magick
  7. Beyond The Scarlet Horizon
  • Gornoth
  • Draconiis
  • Barzh
  • Vukodlack

Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius  
2001 Nocturnal Art
  1. Spectral Transition
  2. Spiritual Metamorphosis
  3. In Astral Plains Of Trance
  4. Abstract Eerie Corridors
  5. Desolate Magnetic Fields
  6. Into Forbidden Dimensions
  7. Axis
  8. Stellar Transcendence
  9. Paradox Timeline
  10. Dimensional Quantum
  11. The Majesty Of The Nightsky
  • Gornoth
  • Draconiis
  • A. Ara
  • Vukodlack

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