Origin: Finland  
Genres: Eclectic Metal, Space Rock
Page online: April 3, 2021
Last update/review: April 3, 2021

Waste Of Space Orchestra

Waste Of Space Orchestra realizes the intriguing proposition of combining two whole bands into one, as the entire lineups of Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising are mashed into one ten-member behemoth. Anyone familiar with either band will be comfortable here, as songs on the 2019 debut Sytheosis either retain the imitable black spaciness of Pazuzu or the drawn-out drone of Buddha, and as these two bands aren't that far apart individually, this seems like a natural blending of like-minded ideals. There are very few bands in this, er, space (one that occasionally comes to mind is the enigmatic Wolvennest), and the ability to retain both a dreamy atmosphere along with some harsh elements is quite admirable. As both component bands are active, this may only be a short-term collaboration.

Current Members

Toni Hietamäki

bass (Atomikylä, Oranssi Pazuzu)

Petri Rämänen

bass (Dark Buddha Rising)

Jukka Rämänen

drums (Atomikylä, Dark Buddha Rising, Hexvessel)

Jarkko Salo

drums (Oranssi Pazuzu)

Jussi Saarivuori

percussion (ex-Dark Buddha Rising, ex-Hexvessel)

Vessa Ajomo


Juho Vanhanen

vocals/guitars (Atomikylä, Oranssi Pazuzu)

Niko Lehdontie

guitars (Domovoyd, Oranssi Pazuzu)

Ville Leppilahti

keyboards/percussion (Oranssi Pazuzu)

Marco Neuman



2019 Svart
  1. Void Monolith
  2. The Shamanic Vision
  3. Seeker's Reflection
  4. Journey to the Center of Mass
  5. Wake Up the Possessor
  6. Infinite Gate Opening
  7. Vacuum Head
  8. The Universal Eye
  9. Syntheosis
  • Toni Hietamäki
  • Petri Rämänen
  • Jukka Rämänen
  • Jarkko Salo
  • Jussi Saarivuori
  • Vessa Ajomo
  • Juho Vanhanen
  • Niko Lehdontie
  • Ville Leppilahti
  • Marco Neuman

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