Origin: England  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: September 2, 2017
Last update/review: September 2, 2017

With The Dead

With The Dead formed in 2014, bringing together the original rhythm section of the mighty Electric Wizard and longtime Cathedral vocalist and head honcho of Rise Above Records, Lee Dorrian -- an interesting union given that there's been quite a bit of animosity between Cathedral and Electric Wizard in the past. With that apparently behind them, the 2015 self-titled debut is exactly what one might expect -- ponderous, ultra-heavy, fuzzed-out, slow doom, perhaps a bit on the monotonous side, but certainly not lacking for conviction. With a lineup change completed, a new album is expected in late 2017.

Current Members

Lee Dorrian

vocals (ex-Cathedral, ex-Napalm Death, Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine)

Tim Bagshaw

guitars (ex-Electric Wizard, Ramesses)

Leo Smee

bass (Age Of Taurus, ex-Cathedral, ex-Firebird, ex-Trespass)

Alex Thomas

drums (ex-Bolt Thrower)

Former Members/Guests

Mark Greening

drums (Dead Witches, ex-Electric Wizard, Ramesses)


With The Dead  
2015 Rise Above
  1. Crown of Burning Stars
  2. The Cross
  3. Nephthys
  4. Living with the Dead
  5. I Am Your Virus
  6. Screams from My Own Grave `
  • Lee Dorrian
  • Tim Bagshaw
  • Mark Greening

Love From With The Dead  
2017 Rise Above
  1. Isolation
  2. Egyptian Tomb
  3. Reincarnation of Yesterday
  4. Cocaine Phantoms
  5. Watching the Ward Go By
  6. Anemia
  7. CV1
  • Lee Dorrian
  • Tim Bagshaw
  • Leo Smee
  • Alex Thomas

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