Origin: England  
Genres: NWOBHM
Page online: November 26, 2006
Last update/review: November 26, 2006


This British band (not to be confused with a more recent Swedish band also called Wolf) originally formed in 1977 as Leviathan, and later switched name to Black Axe. As Black Axe, they scored a pair of minor hits with "Highway Rider" and "Edge Of The World", the latter appearing on a pretty good Friday Rock Show compilation alongside several other NWOBHM stalwarts such as Diamond Head, Sweet Savage, and Witchfynde. They signed to Chrysalis Records, who apparently convinced them to change name to Wolf. An album was recorded, but for whatever reason the band was dropped by Chrysalis without its release. That album, Edge Of The World, was eventually released by the Belgian label Mausoleum in 1984, by which time whatever momentum the band might have built had faded away.

Last Lineup

Chris English


Simon Sparkes


Bill Keir


Stewart Richardson


Mike Thorburn



Edge Of The World  
1984 Mausoleum
  1. Edge Of The World
  2. Highway Rider
  3. Heaven Will Rock 'n' Roll
  4. Shock Treatment
  5. A Soul For The Devil
  6. Head Contact
  7. Rest In Peace
  8. Too Close For Comfort
  9. Red Lights
  10. Medicine Man
  • Chris English
  • Simon Sparkes
  • Bill Keir
  • Stewart Richardson
  • Mike Thorburn

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