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Diesel Machine

Diesel Machine might best be known as the main band of Patrick Lachman, one-time Halford guitarist as well as the vocalist in the short-lived post-Pantera band Damageplan. Torture Test, the band's 2000 debut, opts for an ultra-heavy groove that often brings Pantera to mind, with perhaps a nod to Prong. Vocalist AJ Cavalier has a mean hardcore-ish snarl, almost delving into death metal vocals at times. A followup was in the works, but a 2002 motorcycle accident suffered by bassist Rich Gonzalez put the band on ice for several years, and most presumed the band as done. But eventually the desire to get back together won over, and in 2020 the same quartet announced a new album for later in the year.

Current Members

A.J. Cavalier


Patrick Lachman

guitars (ex-Damageplan, ex-Gargoyle, ex-Halford)

Rich Gonzalez


Shane Gaalaas

drums (ex-Artension, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Michael Schenker Group)


Torture Test  
2000 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Torture Test
  2. Bones And All
  3. Dissection
  4. The Punishment
  5. Borrowed Time
  6. Rage
  7. Sick
  8. Driven By Pain
  9. Black Box
  10. State Of Panic
  11. Self-Destruct
  12. Dissection (No Anesthetic Mix)
  • A.J. Cavalier
  • Patrick Lachman
  • Rich Gonzalez
  • Shane Gaalaas

2020 Metalville
  1. Death March
  2. React
  3. Exit Wound
  4. Ounce Of Strength
  5. Shut It
  6. Cynical
  7. Judgement
  8. Evolve
  9. Nothing Left
  10. I'm Insane
  11. Anger Within
  • A.J. Cavalier
  • Patrick Lachman
  • Rich Gonzalez
  • Shane Gaalaas

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