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Band Album Year
A Pale Horse Named Death And Hell Will Follow Me 2011
A Pale Horse Named Death Lay My Soul To Rest 2013
Alice Cooper Along Came A Spider 2008
Angra Rebirth 2001
Angra Hunters And Prey 2002
Angra Aurora Consurgens 2006
Angra Aqua 2010
Angra Best Reached Horizons 2012
Annihilator Ten Years In Hell 2006
Annihilator Metal 2007
Annihilator Live At Masters Of Rock 2009
Annihilator Live At Masters Of Rock 2009
Anvil Hope In Hell 2013
Anvil Anvil Is Anvil 2016
Anvil Pounding The Pavement 2018
Assassin The Upcoming Terror 1987
Assassin Interstellar Experience 1988
Assassin Chronicles Of Resistance 2011
Assassin Breaking The Silence 2011
Assassin Combat Cathedral 2016
Axel Rudi Pell Wild Obsession 1989
Axel Rudi Pell Nasty Reputation 1991
Axel Rudi Pell Eternal Prisoner 1992
Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads 1993
Axel Rudi Pell Between The Walls 1994
Axel Rudi Pell Made In Germany 1995
Axel Rudi Pell Black Moon Pyramid 1996
Axel Rudi Pell Magic 1997
Axel Rudi Pell Oceans Of Time 1998
Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads II 1999
Axel Rudi Pell The Wizard's Chosen Few 2000
Axel Rudi Pell The Masquerade Ball 2000
Axel Rudi Pell Knight Treasures (Live And More) 2002
Axel Rudi Pell Knights Live 2002
Axel Rudi Pell Shadow Zone 2002
Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads III 2004
Axel Rudi Pell Kings And Queens 2004
Axel Rudi Pell Mystica 2006
Axel Rudi Pell Live Over Europe 2008
Axel Rudi Pell Tales Of The Crown 2008
Axel Rudi Pell Best Of - Anniversary Edition 2009
Axel Rudi Pell The Crest 2010
Axel Rudi Pell One Night Live 2010
Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads IV 2011
Axel Rudi Pell Circle Of The Oath 2012
Axel Rudi Pell Live On Fire 2013
Axel Rudi Pell Into The Storm 2014
Axel Rudi Pell Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show 2015
Axel Rudi Pell Game Of Sins 2016
Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads V 2017
Axel Rudi Pell Knights Call 2018
Axel Rudi Pell XXX Anniversary Live 2019
Axel Rudi Pell Sign Of The Times 2020
Axel Rudi Pell Diamonds Unlocked II 2021
Axel Rudi Pell Lost XXIII 2022
Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads VI 2023
Axel Rudi Pell Risen Symbol 2024
Battleaxe Heavy Metal Sanctuary 2014
Biohazard Means To An End 2005
Black Tears Child Of The Storm 1984
Black Tears The Slave 1985
Blaze Silicon Messiah 2000
Blaze Tenth Dimension 2002
Blaze As Live As It Gets 2003
Blaze Blood And Belief 2004
Brainfever You 1988
Brocas Helm Into Battle 1984
Crematory Antiserum 2014
Crematory Monument 2016
Crematory Oblivion 2018
Demons & Wizards Demons & Wizards 1999
Demons & Wizards Touched By The Crimson King 2005
Destruction Sentence Of Death 1984
Destruction Infernal Overkill 1985
Destruction Eternal Devastation 1986
Destruction Mad Butcher 1987
Dew-Scented Immortelle 1996
Diesel Machine Torture Test 2000
Dio Angry Machines 1996
Disharmonic Orchestra Pleasuredome 1994
Dokken Live From The Sun 2000
Dokken Live From The Sun 2000
Doro Calling The Wild 2000
Dry Kill Logic The Dead And The Dreaming 2004
Edenbridge The Bonding 2013
Edenbridge The Great Momentum 2017
Edenbridge The Great Momentum 2017
Edenbridge Dynamind 2019
Engel Absolute Design 2007
Engel Threnody 2010
Evergrey Torn 2008
Evergrey A Decade And A Half 2011
Evergrey Glorious Collision 2011
Evildead Rise Above 1989
Evildead Annihilation Of Civilization 1989
Evildead The Underworld 1991
Evildead From The Depths Of The Underworld 1992
Evildead United $tate$ Of Anarchy 2020
Evildead Toxic Grace 2024
Fastway Eat Dog Eat 2011
Firebird No. 3 2003
Freedom Call Taragon 1999
Freedom Call Stairway To Fairyland 1999
Freedom Call Crystal Empire 2001
Freedom Call Eternity 2002
Freedom Call Live Invasion 2004
Freedom Call Circle Of Life 2005
Freedom Call Dimensions 2007
Freedom Call Legend Of The Shadowking 2010
Freedom Call Live In Hellvetia 2011
Freedom Call Land Of The Crimson Dawn 2012
Freedom Call Ages Of Light 2013
Freedom Call Beyond 2014
Freedom Call Master Of Light 2016
Freedom Call M.E.T.A.L. 2019
Freedom Call The M.E.T.A.L. Fest 2023
Freedom Call Silver Romance 2024
Fu Manchu Go For It ... Live! (2CD) 2003
Gamma Ray Land Of The Free II 2007
Gamma Ray Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome 2008
Girlschool Legacy 2008
Gorefest Chapter 13 1998
Griffin Protectors Of The Lair 1986
Grip Inc. Incorporated 2004
Harmful Sanguine 2003
Hatesphere The Killing EP 2005
Hatesphere The Sickness Within 2005
Hatesphere Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes 2007
Hawaii The Natives Are Restless 1985
Heavens Gate Livin' In Hysteria 1991
Heavens Gate Hell For Sale! 1992
Heavens Gate More Hysteria 1992
Heavens Gate Live For Sale 1993
Heavens Gate Planet E 1996
Heavens Gate In The Mood 1996
Heavens Gate Menergy 1999
Heavens Gate Boxed 1999
Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy 2005
Helloween Live On Three Continents 2007
Helloween Live In Sao Paulo 2007
Helloween Gambling With The Devil 2007
Helloween Unarmed - 25th Anniversary Album 2009
Helloween 7 Sinners 2010
Helloween Straight Out Of Hell 2013
Hirax Immortal Legacy 2013
Hittman Hittman 1988
Hittman Vivas Machina 1993
Hobbs Angel Of Death Hobbs Angel Of Death 1988
Holy Moses No Matter What's The Cause 1994
Holy Moses Agony Of Death 2008
Holy Moses 30th Anniversary - In The Power Of Now 2012
Holy Moses Redefined Mayhem 2014
Holy Mother Agoraphobia 2003
Iced Earth The Glorious Burden 2004
Iced Earth Gettysburg (1863) 2005
Iced Earth Framing Armageddon (Sometihing Wicked Part 1) 2007
Iced Earth Overture Of The Wicked 2007
Iced Earth The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part 2) 2008
Iron Angel Hellish Crossfire 1985
Iron Angel Winds Of War 1986
Iron Angel Live In Bochum 2013
Jag Panzer Scourge Of The Light 2011
Jag Panzer The Deviant Chord 2017
Jester's March Beyond 1991
Jester's March Acts 1992
Jon Oliva's Pain 'Tage Majal 2004
Jon Oliva's Pain Straight-Jacket Memoirs 2006
Jon Oliva's Pain Maniacal Renderings 2006
Jon Oliva's Pain Global Warning 2008
Judas Priest Live In London 2003
Kamelot Ghost Opera 2007
Kamelot Poetry For The Poisoned 2010
Kamelot Silverthorn 2012
Kill Devil Hill Kill Devil Hill 2012
Kreator Violent Revolution 2001
Kreator Live Kreation 2003
Kreator Enemy Of God 2005
Kreator At The Pulse Of Kapitulation 2008
Kreator Hordes Of Chaos 2009
Lacrimas Profundere Hope Is Here 2016
Lacrimas Profundere How To Shroud Yourself With Night 2022
Life Of Agony River Runs Again - Live 2003 2003
Mad Max Another Night Of Passion 2012
Mad Max Interceptor 2013
Mad Max Thunder, Storm And Passion 2015
Mad Max 35 2018
Mad Max Stormchild Rising 2020
Malice New Breed Of Godz 2012
Manowar Fire And Blood 2002
Manowar Hell On Earth III 2003
Manowar Hell On Earth IV 2005
Megadeth Behind The Music (Extended Version) 2001
Mekong Delta Intersections 2012
Metal Church A Light In The Dark 2006
Metal Church This Present Wasteland 2008
Michael Schenker Group The Michael Schenker Story Live 1997
Michael Schenker Group The Unforgiven 1999
Mob Rules Tales From Beyond 2016
Mob Rules Beast Reborn 2018
Mob Rules Beast Over Europe 2019
Monster Magnet Monolithic Baby 2004
Monster Magnet 4 Way Diablo 2007
Moonspell Memorial 2006
Moonspell Under Satanae 2007
Moonspell Night Eternal 2008
Moonspell Lusitanian Metal 2008
Motorhead Hammered 2002
Motorhead Inferno 2004
Motorhead Kiss Of Death 2006
Motorhead Motörizer 2008
Napalm Cruel Tranquility 1989
Napalm Zero To Black 1990
Night Demon Curse Of The Damned 2015
Non-Fiction It's A Wonderful Lie 1996
Pagan's Mind Heavenly Ecstasy 2011
Pariah The Kindred 1988
Pariah Blaze Of Obscurity 1989
Pink Cream 69 Thunderdome 2004
PowerWorld Human Parasite 2010
PowerWorld Cybersteria 2013
Pro-Pain The Final Revolution 2013
Pro-Pain Voice Of Rebellion 2015
Prong Songs From The Black Hole 2015
Prong X - No Absolutes 2016
Prong Zero Days 2017
Prong State Of Emergency 2023
Rage Unity 2002
Rage Soundchaser 2003
Rage From The Cradle To The Stage 2004
Rage Speak Of The Dead 2006
Rage Wings Of Rage 2020
Rage Resurrection Day 2021
Rage Spreading The Plague 2022
Rage Afterlifelines 2024
Raging Speedhorn We Will Be Dead Tomorrow 2002
Raging Speedhorn How The Great Have Fallen 2005
Raging Speedhorn Before The Sea Was Built 2007
Raven Architect Of Fear 1991
Raven Heads Up 1993
Raven ExtermiNation 2015
Raven Screaming Murder Death From Above: Live In Aalborg 2019
Raven Metal City 2020
Raven Leave 'Em Bleeding 2022
Razor Violent Restitution 1988
Rhapsody Of Fire The Dark Secret 2004
Rhapsody Of Fire Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II 2004
Rhapsody Of Fire Live In Canada 2005 2006
Rhapsody Of Fire Triumph Or Agony 2006
Rhapsody Of Fire Visions From The Enchanted Lands 2007
Riot V Immortal Soul 2011
Risk The Daily Horror News 1988
Risk Hell's Animals 1989
Risk Ratman 1989
Risk Dirty Surfaces 1990
Risk The Reborn 1992
Risk Turpitude 1993
Rose Tattoo 25 To Life 2000
Rose Tattoo Pain 2002
Royal Hunt Fear 1999
Running Wild Shadowmaker 2012
Running Wild Resilient 2013
Running Wild Crossing The Blades 2019
Running Wild Blood On Blood 2021
Satan Into The Future 1987
Satan Suspended Sentence 1987
Saxon Metalhead 1999
Saxon Killing Ground 2001
Saxon Lionheart 2004
Saxon The Eagle Has Landed III 2006
Saxon The Inner Sanctum 2006
Saxon To Hell And Back Again 2007
Saxon Into The Labyrinth 2009
Saxon Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie 2011
Screamer Kingmaker 2023
Sepultura Roorback 2003
Sepultura Live In São Paulo 2005
Sepultura Live In São Paulo 2005
Sepultura Dante XXI 2006
Sepultura A-Lex 2009
Sieges Even Life Cycle 1988
Sieges Even Steps 1990
Sieges Even A Sense Of Change 1991
Skew Siskin What The Hell 1999
Skid Row Revolutions Per Minute 2006
Sodom In The Sign Of Evil 1984
Sodom Obsessed By Cruelty 1986
Sodom (EP Expurse Of Sodomy 1987
Sodom Persecution Mania 1987
Sodom Mortal Way Of Live 1988
Sodom Agent Orange 1989
Sodom Ausgebombt 1989
Sodom Better Off Dead 1990
Sodom The Saw Is The Law 1991
Sodom Tapping The Vein 1992
Sodom Aber Bitte Mit Sahne 1993
Sodom Get What You Deserve 1994
Sodom Marooned Live 1994
Sodom Masquerade In Blood 1995
Sodom Ten Black Years 1996
Sodom M-16 2001
Sodom One Night In Bangkok 2003
Sodom Lords Of Depravity Part I 2005
Sodom Sodom 2006
Sodom The Final Sign Of Evil 2007
Sodom In War And Pieces 2010
Sodom Lords Of Depravity Part II 2010
Sodom Official Bootleg - The Witchhunter Decade 2012
Sodom 30 Years Sodomized: 1982 - 2012 2012
Sodom Epitome Of Torture 2013
Sodom Sacred Warpath 2014
Sodom Decision Day 2016
Sodom Days Of Retribution 2016
Sodom Partisan 2018
Sodom Out Of The Frontline Trench 2019
Sodom Genesis XIX 2020
Sodom Bombenhagel 2021
Sodom 40 Years At War - The Greatest Hell Of Sodom 2022
Sodom 1982 2023
Solstice Pray 1995
Steeler Strike Back 1986
Steeler Undercover Animal 1988
Stormwitch War Of The Wizzards 1992
Stormwitch Shogun 1994
Symphony X SymphonyX 1994
Symphony X The Damnation Game 1995
Symphony X The Divine Wings Of Tragedy 1996
Symphony X Twilight In Olympus 1998
Terra Firma Harms Way 2001
Terror 2000 Slaughterhouse Supremacy 2000
The Quill Hooray! It's A Deathtrip 2003
The Quill In Triumph 2006
The Rods Brotherhood Of Metal 2019
Them Manor Of The Se7en Gables 2018
Them Fear City 2022
Thin Lizzy One Night Only 2000
Throwdown Intolerance 2014
Thunderhead Ugly Side 1999
Tokyo Blade Burning Down Paradise 1995
Tristania Ashes 2005
Tristania Illumination 2007
UFO Showtime 2005
UFO The Monkey Puzzle 2006
UFO The Visitor 2009
UFO The Best Of A Decade 2010
UFO Seven Deadly 2012
UFO A Conspiracy Of Stars 2015
UFO The Salentino Cuts 2017
Unleashed Midvinterblot 2006
Unleashed Hammer Battalion 2008
Uriah Heep Sea Of Light 1995
Vanderhoof Vanderhoof 1997
Vanderhoof A Blur In Time 2002
Venom Resurrection 2000
Vicious Rumors Razorback Killers 2011
Vicious Rumors Live You To Death 2012
Vicious Rumors Electric Punishment 2013
Vicious Rumors Live You To Death 2 - American Punishment 2014
Vicious Rumors Concussion Protocol 2016
Vicious Rumors Celebration Decay 2020
Victory Voiceprint 1996
Victory Instinct 2003
Virgin Steele The Black Light Bacchanalia 2010
Virgin Steele Nocturnes Of Hellfire & Damnation 2015
Virgin Steele Ghost Harvest - Vintage I: Black Wine For Mourning 2018
Virgin Steele Gothic Voodoo Anthems 2018
Virgin Steele Ghost Harvest - Vintage II: Red Wine For Warning 2018
Virgin Steele The Passion Of Dionysus 2023
Zed Yago From Over Yonder 1988
Zed Yago From The Twilight Zone 2003

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