Origin: Queens, New York, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: March 24, 2010
Last update/review: May 8, 2023

Ross The Boss

Guitarist Ross "The Boss" Friedman has had a lengthy and successful career in rock and metal, some of it well known (a founding member of both The Dictators and, of course, Manowar) and some of it less so (Shakin' Street, and an interesting turn in Albert Bouchard's Brain Surgeons). In 2006 he put together his own band, apparently coming together when he joined forces with a Manowar tribute band called Men Of War. Given this, it's unavoidable to compare the first album from this project, 2008's New Metal Leader, to prime Manowar, and often it's an apt comparison (the intros to both "God Of Dying" and "Immortal Son" are almost plagiaristic) -- certainly songs like "I Got The Right" would fit right in the New York boys' catalog. But it's not all Manowar stuff, as some songs are just more in the traditional Euro metal vein, and then there's the odd throwaway pop-metal of "May The Gods Be With You" to provide some variety (though it's far and away the weakest song on the album). Vocalist Patrick Fuchs is no Eric Adams, his voice is less clear and he doesn't have the range that Adams did in his prime, but he does well enough. Obviously, Manowar fans will eat this up, but being as these guys are a bit less over-the-top, they might also appeal to other fans of Euro-styled classic metal. A second album with the same lineup came out in 2010, and after an eight-year layoff, Ross returned with an all-new lineup and a new album in 2018, By Blood Sworn.

Current Members

Marc Lopes

vocals (ex-Metal Church, ex-Meliah Rage)

Ross Friedman

guitars (Brain Surgeons, Death Dealer, ex-Manowar)

Mike LePond

bass (ex-Cauldron Born, Death Dealer, ex-Distant Thunder, ex-Eternity's End, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Sleepy Hollow, Symphony X, ex-Them)

Steve Bolognese

drums (ex-Beyond The Embrace, Death Dealer, ex-Into Eternity, Them, ex-Witherfall)

Former Members/Guests

Patrick Fuchs


Carsten Kettering

bass (ex-Majesty)

Matthias Mayer


Lance Barnewold (guest)



New Metal Leader  
2008 AFM
  1. I. L. H.
  2. Blood of Knives
  3. I Got the Right
  4. Death & Glory
  5. Plague of Lies (Brain Surgeons cover)
  6. God of Dying
  7. May the Gods Be with You
  8. Constantine's Sword (Brain Surgeons cover)
  9. We Will Kill
  10. Matador
  11. Immortal Son
  • Patrick Fuchs
  • Ross Friedman
  • Carsten Kettering
  • Matthias Mayer

2010 AFM
  1. I.A.G.
  2. Kingdom Arise
  3. Dead Man's Curve
  4. Hailstorm
  5. Burn Alive
  6. Crom
  7. Behold The Kingdom
  8. Great Gods Glorious
  9. Shining Path
  10. Among The Ruins
  11. EmpireĀ“s Anthem
  • Patrick Fuchs
  • Ross Friedman
  • Carsten Kettering
  • Matthias Mayer

By Blood Sworn  
2018 AFM
  1. By Blood Sworn
  2. Among the Bones
  3. This Is Vengeance
  4. We Are the Night
  5. Faith of the Fallen
  6. Devil's Day
  7. Lilith
  8. Play Among the Godz
  9. Circle of Damnation
  10. Fistful of Hate
  • Marc Lopes
  • Ross Friedman
  • Mike LePond
  • Lance Barnewold

Born Of Fire  
2020 AFM
  1. Glory to the Slain
  2. Fight the Fight
  3. Denied by the Cross
  4. Maiden of Shadows
  5. I Am the Sword
  6. Shotgun Evolution
  7. Born of Fire
  8. Godkiller
  9. The Blackest Heart
  10. Demon Holiday
  11. Undying
  12. Waking the Moon
  • Marc Lopes
  • Ross Friedman
  • Mike LePond
  • Steve Bolognese

Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel  COMPILATION
2023 AFM
  1. Blood of Knives
  2. I Got the Right
  3. We Will Kill
  4. Kingdom Arise
  5. Hailstorm
  6. Great Gods Glorious
  7. By Blood Sworn
  8. This Is Vengeance
  9. We Are the Night
  10. Maiden of Shadows
  11. Born of Fire
  12. Denied by the Cross

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