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Genres: NWOBHM
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Formed by Algy Ward (one-time bassist of seminal punk band The Damned), Tank's debut album, 1982's Filth Hounds, drew strong (and favorable) comparisons to Motorhead, a tag that would remain with the band virtually throughout their career. They garnered fine reviews and a good following for their first few albums, but by the mid-eighties interest waned, and by 1988 the band had had enough. Fast forward to 1998, Ward and several of his old mates came back together, releasing a couple of live albums followed by the long-awaited new studio album Still At War, which was in the works for ages before finally coming out in 2002.

In 2008, another new Tank lineup was revealed, this one led by guitarists Cliff Evans and Mick Tucker but not featuring Algy Ward. Ward was reportedly retired from the business at that time, but soon he decided to reform his own version of Tank, at least for recording purposes. Usually a name dispute is eventually resolved by the legal system, but well over a decade later both factions are continuing their separate ways, hereafter documented here as Tank (Algy Ward version) and Tank (Tucker/Evans version).

Current Members

Algy Ward

bass/vocals (ex-Tank (Algy Ward version), ex-Warhead) RIP: May 17, 2023, age 63

Cliff Evans

guitars (ex-Killers, Tank (Tucker/Evans version))

Mick Tucker

guitars (Tank (Tucker/Evans version), White Spirit)

Bruce Bisland

drums (ex-Praying Mantis, ex-Statetrooper, ex-Weapon UK, ex-Wildfire)

Former Members/Guests

Peter Brabbs


Mark Brabbs

drums (ex-Samson)

Graeme Crallan

drums (ex-White Spirit) RIP: July 27, 2008, age 50

Gary Taylor


Steve Hopgood

drums (ex-Killers, ex-Persian Risk, ex-Tank (Tucker/Evans version))


Filth Hounds Of Hades  
1982 Kamaflage
  1. Shellshock
  2. Struck by lightning
  3. Run like hell
  4. Blood guts and beer
  5. T.W.D.A.M.O.
  6. Turn your head around
  7. Heavy artillery
  8. Who needs love songs
  9. Filth hounds of Hades
  10. Stormtrooper
  • Algy Ward
  • Peter Brabbs
  • Mark Brabbs
1982 Readers' Album #10

Power Of The Hunter  
1982 Kamaflage
  1. Walking barefoot over glass
  2. Pure hatred
  3. Biting and scratching
  4. Some came running
  5. T.A.N.K.
  6. Used leather
  7. Crazy horses
  8. Set your back on fire
  9. Red skull rock
  10. Power of the hunter
  • Algy Ward
  • Peter Brabbs
  • Mark Brabbs

This Means War  
1983 Music For Nations
  1. Just like something from hell
  2. Hot lead cold steel
  3. This means war
  4. Laughing in the face of death
  5. We go down fighting
  6. I
  7. Echoes of a distant battle
  • Algy Ward
  • Peter Brabbs
  • Mick Tucker
  • Mark Brabbs

Honour And Blood  
1985 Music For Nations
  1. The war drags ever on
  2. When hell freezes over
  3. Honour and blood
  4. Chain of fools
  5. W.M.L.A.
  6. Too tired to wait for love
  7. Kill
  • Algy Ward
  • Cliff Evans
  • Mick Tucker
  • Graeme Crallan

Armour Plated (compilation)  
1985 Castle
  1. Don't Walk Away
  2. Power Of The Hunter
  3. Run Like Hell
  4. Filth Hounds Of Hades
  5. (He Fell In Love With A) Stormtrooper
  6. Red Skull Rock
  7. The Snake
  8. Who Needs Love Songs?
  9. Steppin' On A Landmine
  10. Turn Your Head Around
  11. Crazy Horses
  12. Some Came Running
  13. Hammer On
  14. Shellshock
  15. That's What Dreams Are Made Of (T.W.D.A.M.O)
  16. Biting And Scratching
  17. Used Leather
  18. Blood, Guts And Beer
  19. Filth Bitch Boogie
  20. T.A.N.K.(Instrumental)

1987 Profile
  1. Reign Of Thunder
  2. March On Sons Of Nippon
  3. With Your Life
  4. None But The Brave
  5. The Enemy Below
  6. Lost
  7. Hell They Must Suffer
  8. It Fell From The Sky
  • Algy Ward
  • Cliff Evans
  • Mick Tucker
  • Gary Taylor

The Return Of The Filth Hounds  LIVE
1998 Rising Sun
  1. This Means War
  2. Echoes Of A Distant Battle
  3. T.W.D.A.M.O.
  4. And Then We Heard The Thunder
  5. Don't Walk Away
  6. Honour And Blood
  7. Power Of The Hunter
  8. Shellshock
  9. In The Last Hours Before Dawn
  10. And Then We Heard The Thunder
  • Algy Ward
  • Cliff Evans
  • Mick Tucker
  • Steve Hopgood

War Of Attrition - Live '81  
  1. Shellshock
  2. Steppin' On A Landmine
  3. Blood, Guts And Beer
  4. Run Like Hell
  5. Don't Walk Away
  6. Filthhounds Of Hades
  7. (He Fell In Love With A) Stormtrooper
  8. The Snake
  9. Shellshock
  10. Run Like Hell
  11. Blood, Guts And Beer
  • Algy Ward
  • Peter Brabbs
  • Mark Brabbs

Still At War  
2002 Zoom Club
  1. Still At War
  2. T.G.N.I.D.
  3. Light The Fire (Watch 'Em Burn)
  4. The World Awaits
  5. And Then We Heard The Thunder
  6. In The Last Hours Before Dawn
  7. Conspiracy Of Hate
  8. When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted
  9. Return Of The Filth Hounds
  10. The Blood's Still On Their Hands
  11. The Fear Inside
  12. C-ing Dub-all
  13. Still At War (Single Mix)
  • Algy Ward
  • Cliff Evans
  • Mick Tucker
  • Bruce Bisland

Live And Rare  
2007 Soundhouse
  1. Shellshock
  2. Steppin' On a Landmine
  3. Blood, Guts and Beer
  4. Run Like Hell
  5. Don't Walk Away
  6. Filth Hounds of Hades
  7. He Fell In Love with a (Stormtrooper)
  8. The Snake
  9. This Means War
  10. Echoes Of A Distant Battle
  11. T.W.D.A.M.O.
  12. Don't Walk Away
  13. Shellshock
  14. Run Like Hell
  15. Blood, Guts and Beer

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