Origin: Germany  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: July 22, 2006


As leader of a band called Voodoo Club, vocalist Philip Boa had a long and successful career, though not in the metal world (based on limited reading, it would appear that Voodoo Club was in the pop/techno vein). Voodoocult was Boa's short-lived side project, a chance to explore his metal side. Normally this would be of limited interest to metal fans, were it not for the impressive array of metal all-stars that appeared on his two albums. How it was that an album featuring Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), and Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc.) didn't create all kinds of media hype isn't clear, but nonetheless such an album was released, as 1994's Jesus Killing Machine, followed by Voodoocult in 1996 with a largely different lineup, featuring none of the aforementioned stars but including Jim Martin (ex-Faith No More). The music, at least on Jesus Killing Machine, was an aggressive, post-thrash rhythmic power metal style, not very adventurous in the songwriting department and certainly not reminding anyone of the member's other bands (i.e. there really aren't any spots where one might proclaim "Hey! There's a Petrozza riff!") and in general there's nothing terribly memorable here, though it's not a bad effort either. Boa discontinued the project after two albums, returning to his other career at least for some time afterward.

Last Lineup

Philip Boa


Gabby Abularach


Jim Martin

guitars (ex-Faith No More)

Dave Ball


Markus Freiwald

drums (ex-Despair, ex-Sodom)

Former Members/Guests

Chuck Schuldiner

guitars (ex-Control Denied, ex-Death) RIP: December 13, 2001, cancer, age 34

Waldemar Sorychta

guitars (ex-Despair, ex-Eyes Of Eden, Enemy Of The Sun, ex-Grip Inc., guest for Moonspell, ex-ReVamp)

Mille Petrozza

guitars (Kreator)

Dave Lombardo

drums (guest for Annihilator, Dead Cross, Fantômas, ex-Grip Inc., Mr. Bungle, ex-Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament)


Jesus Killing Machine  
1994 Motor Music
  1. Killer Patrol
  2. Metallized Kids
  3. Jesus Killing Machine
  4. Born Bad And Sliced
  5. Albert Is A Headbanger
  6. Death Don't Dance With Me
  7. Art Groupie
  8. Blood Suffer City
  9. Voodoocult
  10. Bitcher Boy
  • Philip Boa
  • Chuck Schuldiner
  • Waldemar Sorychta
  • Mille Petrozza
  • Gabby Abularach
  • Dave Ball
  • Dave Lombardo

1995 Motor Music
  1. Welcome To A New Season Of Deathwish
  2. King Of The Beautiful Cockroach
  3. The Stranger
  4. I Close My Eyes Before I Bleed To Death
  5. When You Live As A Boy
  6. Exorcised By A Kiss
  7. Cliffhanger On A Bloody Sunday
  8. Violence
  9. Egomania
  10. Die Erotik Der Maschine
  11. Elictrified Scum
  12. Death Of A Kung Fu Fighter
  • Philip Boa
  • Gabby Abularach
  • Jim Martin
  • Dave Ball
  • Markus Freiwald

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