Origin: Germany

Lifeforce Records

Band Album Year
Between The Buried And Me Between The Buried And Me 2002
Beyond The Sixth Seal Earth And Sphere 2002
Cataract Great Days Of Vengeance 2003
Deadlock Earth.Revolt 2005
Deadlock Wolves 2007
Deadlock Manifesto 2008
Deadlock Bizarro World 2011
Fear My Thoughts The Great Collapse 2004
Fear My Thoughts Hell Sweet Hell 2005
Heaven Shall Burn Asunder 2000
Heaven Shall Burn Whatever It May Take 2002
Herod For Whom The Gods Would Destroy 2004
Herod Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight 2006
Night In Gales Five Scars 2011
Nightrage A New Disease Is Born 2007
Nightrage Wearing A Martyr's Crown 2009
Nightrage Insidious 2011
Omnium Gatherum New World Shadows 2011
Omnium Gatherum Beyond 2013
Omnium Gatherum Grey Heavens 2015
Raintime Flies & Lies 2007
Raunchy Death Pop Romance 2006
Raunchy Wasteland Discotheque 2008
Raunchy A Discord Electric 2010
Trivium From Ember To Inferno 2003

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