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Band Album Year
Agalloch Marrow Of The Spirit 2010
Agalloch The Serpent & The Sphere 2014
Artificial Brain Labyrinth Constellation 2014
Artificial Brain Infrared Horizon 2017
Artificial Brain Artificial Brain 2022
Atriarch Ritual Of Passing 2012
Bell Witch Longing 2012
Bell Witch Four Phantoms 2015
Bell Witch Mirror Reaper 2017
Bloody Panda Summon 2009
Bosse-De-Nage III 2012
Bosse-De-Nage All Fours 2015
Cobalt Eater Of Birds 2007
Cobalt Landfill Breastmilk Beast 2008
Cobalt Gin 2009
Coffinworm When All Became None 2010
Coffinworm IV.I.VIII 2014
Dawnbringer Nucleus 2010
Dawnbringer Into The Lair Of The Sun God 2012
Dawnbringer Night Of The Hammer 2014
Diocletian Amongst The Flames Of A Bvrning God 2019
Dreadnought Emergence 2019
Dreadnought The Endless 2022
Dysrhythmia Test Of Submission 2012
Dysrhythmia The Veil Of Control 2016
Evoken Atra Mors 2012
Geryon The Wound And The Bow 2016
Grey Skies Fallen Molded By Broken Hands 2024
Hammers Of Misfortune Fields / Church Of Broken Glass 2008
Hooded Menace Never Cross The Dead 2010
Insect Ark Marrow Hymns 2018
Krallice Krallice 2008
Krallice Dimensional Bleedthrough 2009
Krallice Diotima 2011
Leviathan A Silhouette In Splinters 2005
Leviathan True Traitor 2011
Lord Mantis Death Mask 2014
Lord Mantis Universal Death Church 2019
Ludicra The Tenant 2010
Nocturnus AD Paradox 2019
Nocturnus AD Unicursal 2024
Orphaned Land Ararat 2005
Pallbearer Sorrow And Extinction 2012
Pallbearer Foundations Of Burden 2014
Pallbearer Fear And Fury 2016
Portal Outre' 2007
Portal Swarth 2009
Portal Vexovoid 2013
Portal Ion 2018
Portal Hagbulbia 2021
Portal Avow 2021
Sannhet So Numb 2017
Sannhet Short Life 2019
StarGazer A Great Work Of Ages 2010
SubRosa No Help For The Mighty Ones 2011
SubRosa More Constant Than The Gods 2013
SubRosa For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages 2016
Suffering Hour The Cyclic Reckoning 2021
The Atlas Moth An Ache For The Distance 2011
The Atlas Moth The Old Believer 2014
The Atlas Moth Coma Noir Coma Noir 2018
The Lord Weird Slough Feg The Animal Spirits 2010
Vhöl Vhöl 2013
Vhöl Deeper Than Sky 2015
Wayfarer World's Blood 2018
Wayfarer A Romance With Violence 2020
Wayfarer American Gothic 2023
Winterfylleth The Ghost Of Heritage 2008
Witch Mountain Cauldron Of The Wild 2012
Witch Mountain Mobile of Angels 2014
Yakuza Of Seismic Consequence 2010
Yakuza Beyul 2012
Yob The Great Cessation 2009
Yob Atma 2011

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